Gambling Counselling Service

Gambling Counselling Service

Options provides a specialist counselling service for individuals, their spouses, partners and families who are experiencing difficulties resulting from a gambling addiction problem.

We offer one to one counselling with experienced and skilled specialist trained counsellors, who will create a non-judgemental and nurturing environment in which you can be given the time and support to look at the patterns of your behaviour and how it affects you and those around you.


The main aims of our gambling counselling are to help you to:

  •   Understand some of the underlying reasons why gambling has become a problem.
  •   Stop or reduce the frequency of problem gambling.
  •   Develop ways of coping with problem gambling behaviour.
  •   Address related issues that are causing harm or damage.
  •   Develop a productive and healthy life without problem gambling.

Help and Support 

Options offers counselling for anyone concerned about their own or someone else’s problem gambling.

Our specialist gambling counsellors will use a combination of techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help the person change their attitudes, opinions and behaviours to enable them to manage their gambling.

To find out more information or to book an appointment with a counsellor here to help you or someone you who know who is suffering with Gambling.

Self Help tools

In order for the counselling to have an impact and lead to success, you will need to be able to engage on a weekly basis for an agreed period of time.

Counselling services are available at our centres in Banbury, Basingstoke, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth and Southampton. Click on the location for full address details and directions.

Click on the location for full address details and directions. Contact us for more details or to book an appointment.